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CAM therapies are increasingly preferred by patients in palliative care

According to an article in the renowned German magazine ‘Der Spiegel’, in palliative care, the use of alternative treatment approaches leads to an increased quality of life. With CAM treatments, in particular fear and pain are effectively reduced. The use of CAM therapies in palliative care is increasing.


More information dated 27th June 2014, can be viewed at the link below: (Article in German).

Australian report on homeopathy flawed

The report undertaken by the Australian NHMRC,  to investigate the evidence of efficacy of homeopathy for over 60 conditions concluded that homeopathy was no more effective than placebo.

The Homeopathy research institute reviewed the report and found it biased and flawed for various reasons!

ICH summary dated 3rd May 2014 at:

HRI statement dated 2nd June 2014: