Jury Verdict In Favor of Homeopathic Remedy


The jury verdict, in the case of deceptive advertising against Boiron, the producers of Oscillococcinum (‘Oscillo), favourded Boiron’s presentation that the remedy Oscillo is able to relieve of flu-like symptoms.

The advertising was deemed as not false as the evidence provided by Boiron undermining the claims of efficacy of Oscillo were sufficient to conclude that the remedy could be effective for the treatment of flu-like symptoms.



Information available 27.11.2018, from: https://www.proskaueronadvertising.com/2018/11/ninth-circuit-affirms-jury-verdict-in-favor-of-homeopathic-remedy-for-flu-like-symptoms/?fbclid=IwAR1oCS8vvjaHPJTSGBA2DjnCLfXGG0wo8ZlB2tzX34T36waBerQJF-YMdJw

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