HEEL is leaving Northern America – Medinatura is taking over

While it has been reported that HEEL, the producer of complex homeopathic preparations, will discontinue its presence in Northern America, it has now emerged that a new company, MEDINATURA, will be taking over the premises and production lines. The products to be manufactured at the plant,  are said to undergo minor re-compositioning and re-naming, in order to be differentiable from the original HEEL products.

Source, dated June 2014 at: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Major-Homeopathic-Company-to-Return-to-USA—Canada-Transformed-.html?soid=1101445322239&aid=CXWxDZKcOno


Where to buy HEEL products [here]


5 thoughts on “HEEL is leaving Northern America – Medinatura is taking over”

  1. I am very dissatisfied with T-Relief from MediNatura. I have used Traumeel ointment in my massage practice for 15-20yrs. and found it extremely efficient.
    T-Relief does nothing to soothe bruises, achy painful muscles or any of what it claims to do for me personally and for my clients.
    To add to our disappointment while rubbing it in it rubs off in small annoying particles making massage impossible.
    I would like to know where I could obtain the previous formula.
    Thank you,
    Lucie Barbeau

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